The Darlington Girls Softball League counts on volunteers to make the league successful. The board works year-round to plan and help sustain the league but we are always looking for volunteers. Any amount of time you can contribute helps!

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Volunteer Opportunities


Each team requires one manager. Managers are responsible for communication with players, parents, and coaches throughout the season. They are also responsible for dugout conduct during games, keeping track of volunteer hours each player-family serves, filing paperwork for incidents on the field during practice and games (potential concussion procedures, ball injuries, etc.), making sure players follow common sense safety on and around the field (always know where the ball is, don’t swing the bat around other players, wearing their helmet while batting, etc.).

Team Managers are responsible for all decisions made concerning their team. It is their responsibility to oversee that their coaches follow all by-laws and uphold the code of conduct of the league. Managers and coaches are responsible for preparing fields (i.e., rake baselines, mounds, and home plate) and removing trash from the field and dugouts at the start and end of games and practices. Every manager will receive a bag of equipment for their team. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure all equipment is safe and in proper working order. Any damaged or broken equipment must be returned to the Equipment Manager as soon as possible and exchanged for a replacement. Any equipment that is missing at the end of the season will become the financial responsibility of the manager. Managers may be excluded from the league for failure to replace or return said equipment.


Each team requires two coaches. Coaches take over the duties of the manager when the manager is not available. The coaches are required to help in all aspects of the league (i.e. field maintenance, fundraisers, field cleanup, etc.).

Coaches assist the manager with instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment, and techniques of the sport. They organize and direct individual and small group practice activities/exercises as directed by the manager. Coaches assess players’ skills, monitors players during competition and practice, follows established procedures in the event of an athlete’s injury, models sports-like behavior and maintains appropriate conduct towards players, officials, and spectators. Additionally, coaches maintain and distribute team equipment and supplies.

Score Keepers

Each team requires one Score Keeper. A scorekeeper is responsible for keeping an accurate score at games. Duties include keeping the scorebook accurate during contests, keeping accurate statistics about the players, and working with game officials to ensure a fair contest.

Concession Stand

The concession stand and the league count on you! In order to provide food service to players and families, we need volunteers. We count on every family to work one shift per child in the league (a maximum of three shifts). Instructions for the actual tasks (e.g. making popcorn, working the register, prices) will be provided at the shack. It’s not hard; it’s actually a lot of fun and a great way to meet a lot of the families in the league.

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